I pledge an aggressive effort to improve and expand the utility services available to Blue Lake Township residents.

It is inexcusable that reasonably priced wide-band internet access is not now available to every student and household in Blue Lake Township.

Likewise, it is inexcusable that reasonably priced natural gas service is not available in more areas of Blue Lake Township.

As part of the so called “shovel ready projects” done almost 8 years ago, an expensive fiber optic infrastructure for high speed wide-band internet service was installed throughout Blue Lake Township.  Placed underground and on utility poles, the “backbone” is in place and yet the service has yet to be provided.

For decades a natural gas pipeline has crossed Blue Lake Township.  Areas to the north and south of Blue Lake Township benefit.  The Village of Rothbury area, portions of Montague Township, Lakewood Club and portions of Dalton Township all enjoy the option of having economical natural gas service as a utility.

While Township-wide gas service is likely to be impractical, it is the proper role of local government to work to enhance property values and promote possible cost and energy efficiencies where possible.


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