I pledge to reestablish public committees as a part of Blue Lake Township governance.

Over the past 4 years The Blue Lake Township Administration has systematically removed citizen participation in Township government!  There has been a concerted effort by the Township Administration to assume absolute and total control by dismissing and removing the public committees that were the heart of so many community functions.

Gone is the legally required Recreation Committee.

Gone is the Cemetery Committee that was so instrumental and giving of their time and effort to reclaim, clean and improve (with minimum cost to residents) the two Township Cemeteries.

Gone is the Emergency Services Committee which functioned for decades to guide the safety services to our community.

It is proper to note that IT WAS AFTER THE EMERGENCY SERVICES COMMITTEE WAS DISBANDED THAT THE ACCOUNTABILITY OF THE WHITE LAKE AMBULANCE AUTHORITY FELL INTO THE HANDS OF THE BLUE LAKE TOWNSHIP SUPERVISOR. One can only speculate what financial and operational accountability would have been in place had a citizen committee still been in place to protect Blue Lake Township interests.


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