I pledge to have a forensic review of Township finances for the last 5 years and to encourage the Township Clerk to have complete current financial information available to residents on-line and on-demand.

For decades, before the 2012 Township elections, Blue Lake Township residents enjoyed FREE AND OPEN ACCESS TO THE FINANCES OF THE TOWNSHIP.  Beginning with the election of the current Township Administration the Township financial information has been in chaos!  There has been missing information, missing quarterly financial reporting and missing or questionable transactions.

For the first time A BLUE LAKE TOWNSHIP AUDIT INCLUDED SERIOUS FINANCIAL DISCREPANCIES.  Serious enough that the Office of the Michigan State Treasury Department made a FORMAL INQUIRY concerning the numerous discrepancies!

During the time financial irregularities have been noted, the current Township Administration has erected costly Freedom of Information barriers.  Barriers that residents have to pay to overcome in order to have accurate financial information concerning Blue Lake Township.

Among the barriers is an illegal $50 surcharge for inquiries involving the Township Clerk.

Considering the grievous condition of Blue Lake Township finances beginning in 2012, a careful objective review of the Township finances should be performed.


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