I pledge that as Blue Lake Township Supervisor I will actively encourage the growth and expansion of outdoor recreational activities in the Township.  With special attention to encourage more recreational opportunities for residents within the Township.


Blue Lake Township has grown-up surrounding summer recreation investments.  The oldest local summer camp started at Little Blue Lake where Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is now found.  The oldest Boy Scout Camp in the USA calls Blue Lake Township home.  Gerber Scout Camp, Camp Pendalouan and Pioneer Trails Camp in the Township makes us rather unique place in the world.

Add to the summer camps two commercial campgrounds, a Muskegon County campground, a commercial river livery service, miles of market snow machine trails, hundreds of acres of National Forest plus public access to a Scenic River and a Pure Michigan all sport lake.  You know our community essence is outdoor recreation.

Not that many years ago Blue Lake Township established, and successfully defended in the courts, the establishment of a unique (in the nation) Zoning Law that established youth camps in particular as a welcomed activity in Blue Lake Township. Missing since that hard  fought legal battle has been an Administrative effort to encourage the growth and success of the Blue Lake Township recreation industry.

The attitude and direction of the Township Administration seems to be how to build a bridge, from being home to just over 2,000 residents who are comfortable and proud of their rural and recreational community, to an aggressive growth Master Planned residential and commercial community.


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