I’m Jim Schlichting, a 2016 candidate for Supervisor of Blue Lake Township.

In 1962 I first visited Blue Lake Township.  As a 12 year old Boy Scout I explored the forest around and the water of Big Blue Lake as a camper at the old Camp Blackhawk.  From 1965 through 1969 I was one of the several hundred staff who worked at the Owasippe Scout Reservation for almost three months each summer.  In 1982 my wife and I were welcomed back to Muskegon County as residents, first in Montague Township,later in Whitehall Township and finally here in Blue Lake Township where my wife and I have chosen to live out our lives.

In 2003 I was a Founder of the Owasippe Outdoor Education Center (OOEC) which became a catalyst action organization to reverse the sale of the Owasippe property for intense residential and commercial development.  By helping to organize both local residents and people from across the nation, the complete reversal of the Owasippe property sale was achieved.

The Blue Lake Township Board deserved the nation-wide support that was achieved during that years long fight to preserve the community!

The Board had already established unique Zoning provisions to preserve summer camps as the major industry operating in Blue Lake Township.  The youth camps, several public campgrounds, National Forest land, Scenic River, the water recreation livery and the good residents of Blue Lake Township have all developed together to be an outstanding community.  I sense that the community is on a course to be changed again and not changed for the better.

Through this web site I am attempting to provide my opinions and outlook for Blue Lake Township.  It is my hope to earn your support to become the next Supervisor of Blue Lake Township.

Over the past four years the current Township Administration has been creating changes that remove and restrict community involvement in the future of Blue Lake Township.

No more is there the Cemetery Committee, a Township recognized group of citizens who had repeatedly stepped-up improve the long ignored and abused two Township Cemeteries.  Their existence removed by action of the current Township Administration.

No more is there the Recreation Committee.  The more than decade old Recreation Plan that was created, paid for and adopted by past Township Boards has been quietly swept out of existence.  Removed by action of the current Township Administration.

No more is there an Emergency Services Committee.  The removal of a committee of local residents to have input and set goals for Emergency Services in the Township set the pattern for the current Township Administration to continue down the path of removing citizen committees to help guide the community.

I speculate that an active Blue Lake Township Citizen Committee involved with Emergency Services may have been instrumental in avoiding the obvious mismanagement of the Ambulance Service that serves Blue Lake Township.  It is certain that entrusting politicians to run that Emergency Service hasn’t worked-out to the benefit of our community.  It was the former Blue Lake Township Supervisor who was Chairman of White Lake Ambulance when the financial and operational disasters took place.

Citizen Committees don’t have their political ambitions driving their decision making!


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